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Ease of Compliance to Maintain Registers under Various Labour Laws (Gujarat) Rules, 2017

Whether Trainees are eligible for PF Contributions

EPFO members can withdraw 75% funds after 30 days of job loss

Gratuity limit extended to 20 Lacs from 10 Lacs

Latest Amendments dated: 21st Feb 2018 under EPF

New Calculation of EDLI w.e.f.15/02/2018 in case of death of PF member;Minimum 2.5 lacs to 6.00 Lacs Max.

Provisions of Two Dispensaries

How to get 8.33% / 12% employer share benefit under PMRPY scheme

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme

Clarification regarding allowing the benefit of exceeding wage limit to the members of Employee’s Pension Scheme, 1995.