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How to get 8.33% / 12% employer share benefit under PMRPY scheme

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Steps of getting benefit of 8.33% Employer share under PMRPY scheme



  1. Generate UAN Numbers of Employees (Name must be same as per employee’s AADHAR card)



  1. Login with Employer’s EPF Id & Password.



  1. To make Establishment Registration by submitting Bank Details and Required Information and same to be approved through registered Digital Signature of Employer.




  1. Go to Register Employee, Submit Above Employees Details One by One or Upload in Bulk Text File as given format on PMRPY portal.



  1. The PMRPY Portal will verify the Name, DOB, Gender with uidai (AADHAR) portal and will show status either Failed or Successfully Authenticated.



  1. Successfully Authenticated UANs to be approved by registered DSC of employer on which employer will get 8.33% (12% benefit as per Budget announcement is awaited and under proposed) of Employer share which will be paying by the Government of India for next 03 Year.



Employees should join on or after 01/04/2016, having No previous PF / UAN and Gross salary should be less than 15000.